What you need to know

When joining our rides it is important to be aware, you are riding to your own skills and ability. There are always risks when riding your bike on public roads and so you have to be mindful that accidents can and do happen. Founders and other group riders DO NOT accept any responsibility for accidents, injuries or bike damage that occurs.

As an experienced rider and to get the most enjoyment from our rides, you should be able to: ride in pairs/groups of 6+, ride a minimum distance of 20 miles without stopping and ride a minimum speed of 14 mph. Some of our rides are slightly quicker.

You need to be able to ride/control your bike one handed, when taking a drink and pointing out pot holes and other road hazards.

We strongly recommend you have your own bike insurance and you are a member of British Cycling. For more information go to www.BritishCycling.org.uk